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Welcome to Green Dot Montessori School

The goal of Green dot Montessori school is to help the child to become complete adult human being comfortable with himself, with his society and a humanity as whole.It school has been offering education based on Montessori method to children since 2011.

Cource Curriculum:

Our Montessori have qualified teachers who share a common vision, guided by Dr. Montessori’s principles.As your child progresses through each level, the curriculum builds upon his or her experiences in the previous program, offering a uniterrupted continuum of education.Our Montessori Environment offers a seamless educational experience for your child.

Montessori / Pre-Primary Program :

Our Montessori environment is designed to meet the developmental needs of children 2½ to 6 years of age. Green Dot offers a rich learning environment full of materials in math, language, science, geography, cultural studies, art, and music. These areas are integrated so that, for example, what is presented as a geography lesson also has elements of language and geometry.

Practical Life :

This area of the curriculum is designed to invite the young learner to act and work on real life tasks that foster independence, coordination, order and concentration. It is in a sense the doorway to the Montessori curriculum. This is the area where the child may first choose independent work. The practical life area contains many attractively displayed objects familiar to the child, including a variety of items commonly used in the tasks of daily living, like eating, dressing and cleaning.They offer the child meaningful, non-threatening modes of activity. The materials are also carefully designed and demonstrated to help teach skills involved with caring for the environment and the self, to encourage responsibility, autonomy and to promote high self-esteem.

Sensorial Material :

Sensorial materials serves as tools for child’s development .Children build cognitive skills , and learn to order and classify impressions by isolating the physical properties such as shape , colour , texture, Sound , smell , weight , size . This rich experience of working with materials gets internalised and remains with the child throughout their life.

Language :

Child acquires oral language skills naturally from his /her environment. We adults must provide opportunities for the development of written language and reading. The Montessori environment is rich with different language materials like sand paper letters, moveable alphabets which helps children to associate the symbol with sound effortlessly, encouraging children to develop writing and reading skills. Working with EPL & Sensorial materials serves as preparation for reading & writing

Arithmetic :

In a Montessori environment arithmetic is introduced with the help of specific materials. The child gradually moves from the study of concrete mathematical concepts to abstract ones. These activities gives children a sound understand of basic mathematical principles such as addition, subtraction ,multiplication, division which prepares them for later abstract reasoning and helps to develop problem-solving capabilities.

Culture :

In Green Dot Montessori culture is offered in the form of festivals and celebrations. Also geography, history, botany, zoology, Art & music are presented as extensions of the sensorial and language activities. Geography starts with introduction to land and water forms. Children explore different continents countries through photographs, puzzles and molds. In botany and zoology different parts of plants, animals are introduced through pictures and puzzles .Also Life cycles OF fruits, vegetable of different animals are introduced. Children are taken to field trips regularly to experience practically also it helps them to appreciate nature’s diversity. Our art and music programs give children plenty of opportunities to enjoy variety of creative activities.

Extended session :

Extended session is a part of the last year of the pre-primary to prepare the children to their continued learning beyond pre-primary. Before children move to grade-1 they are helped to adapt to the traditional school system & longer work cycles.

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